Welcome to Belle Meade Hunt!

With 40,000 acres of contiguous hunt country, Belle Meade Hunt offers an unparalleled fox hunting experience for both riders and observers. Come experience our warm Southern hospitality and the best of fox hunting and in the heart of the Classic South. On this page, you’ll find links to everything you’ll need for your trip to BMH.

Invitation to Ride Belle Meade

  • If you are a guest of a Belle Meade member, the member should introduce you to the MFHs, the Hunt Secretary and appropriate Fieldmaster when you arrive at the Hunt.
  • If you are a member of another hunt, you’ll need an introduction from your MFH directed to Belle Meade’s MFHs and/or Honorary Hunt Secretary.  
  • If you do not have a prior introduction, please contact the Hunt Secretary to arrange for an invitation.

Prior to Arrival

  • Prior to coming to Belle Meade Hunt, please familiarize yourself with Hunt Protocol and review Hunt Etiquette.
  • Ensure you and your horse are properly equipped for Belle Meade Hunt Country
  • Ensure you have proper attire for hunting at Belle Meade – check the fixture card for attire requirements on the day you will be hunting with us.
  • Download and complete all release forms
  • Be sure to bring coggins 


When You Arrive

  • Be introduced to the Masters of Foxhounds, Hunt Secretary or Field Secretary, and the appropriate Fieldmaster.
  • Register with the Hunt Secretary or Field Secretary, sign proper release forms, show proof of negative coggins, and pay fees prior to hunting.
  • Have a great time, stay for the Foxes Den (Hunt Breakfast), and be sure to visit the Belle Meade Hunt Store and pick out a commemorative shirt to tell the world that you hunted with Belle Meade!