Live to Hunt. Ride Belle Meade.
Tuesday August 30th 2016

About BMH

Belle Meade Hunt is located in Thomson, Georgia.  It was founded in 1966 and recognized by the MHFA in 1970. 

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About Foxhunting If you like horses, hounds and the great outdoors, foxhunting may just be the sport for for you.  Set in historic hunt country, the scenario unwinds before you with the sound of the huntsman's horn as hounds give chase. The fox or coyote maneuvers, circles and runs through the country cunningly evading the hounds. The music of hounds in "full cry" is laced with the sound of the horn echoing off the woodlands and hills as they pursue the quarry across plains or through woods, fields, creeks, marshes and over rock walls and fences. A crescendo of sounds and sights that thrill you beyond imagination play out in front of you until the fox goes to ground or hounds lose the scent and the hunt is over. One can compare it to a theatrical production, with mother nature the conductor and the hounds in full cry, accompanied by the hunting horn, the orchestra. Man is the audience privileged to watch, as hounds and fox, the actors, unveil the plot with never the same act repeated twice.

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